Private Investigator Agency Manchester

Private investigator agency Manchester provides you with the polygraph testing in the cases where personal matters are at stake like your husband has been accused of cheating on you or your servant has been accused of stealing or someone telling a lie due to which the whole setup can be distorted etc. Such types of cases where both the parties are standing firmly on their point i.e. no one backing out then in such cases it is recommended that both the citizens should go through the polygraph to verify which one is telling the truth. Now who to consult in such situations because as there is a lot at stake because a minor error can turn everything around.

We here at I-Spy Detective Agency are the best at what we do and our credibility speaks for itself. We have the best Polygraphs in the area and our technicians are well trained in this sort of process, furthermore, we try to consult with a second polygraph reader to make our conclusion and results double sure. Whatever city you are living in all you have to call us, we provide services in cities like London, Liverpool, Leicester, Manchester, Bradford, Doncaster, Leeds, Sheffield, Cardiff or a different city, our examiners can reach any location. All we are concerned about is the quality of service that is provided.

Why Prefer Us:

We are a licensed and insured company authorized by the British council to work because polygraph is a sensitive matter and the cases that we deal with are also sensitive but our client doesn’t have to worry about it at all. All of the information is safe with us and when you decide to take the test then don’t hesitate at all because it’s a simple test the polygraph handler will ask you a series of questions and all you have to do is to answer them the test focuses on the things like your heart rate, galvanic skin movement. These are the key things based on which they generate the conclusion.

Polygraph is taken in situations like:

  • When someone has been accused of something and he hadn’t done such thing then it is recommended to prove your innocence go through the test.
  • If someone has been asked to request a plea deal then in such situations it is recommended that instead of begging if the person thinks that he is innocent then he should take the polygraph test.
  • If some kind of misunderstanding has been created between the people of the house then in such situations it is recommended that to go through the polygraph test to prove your innocence once and for all.
  • If someone is raped or accused of murder then in such situations polygraph is recommended by the courts because as it is such a sensitive matter so direct judgment is just unreasonable.
  • Suppose a girl and a boy are living together without marriage and the boy or a girl has signed the cohabitation agreement according to which at the time of the break-up he or she will give the other with some kind of incentive now to test the motive of the boy or a girl who has asked the other person to sign the paper, it is recommended that he/she should go through the polygraph which will then explain everything in blue world city.