Your kilt is an investment so, clearly, you need to keep it searching excellent as long as viable. With proper care, your kilt can ultimate a lifetime (or maybe ).

What’s the proper manner to take care of your kilt? Kilt Society™ can save hundreds of kilts at a unmarried time, so it is relaxed to mention we are professionals on the matter. Here are our pinnacle pointers.


Before storing your kilt, normally ensure to air it very well. Outside on a glittery day is exceptional.

If that’s no longer an preference, try placing your kilt inside the shower room (but now not IN the bathe) so it could absorb the steam. Fully dry your kilt in a heat, ethereal area before storing it away.

If storing your kilt long-time period, we advocate a superb hanger that secures your kilt along the entire pinnacle. For brief term garage, our Steel Kilt Hanger will do the trick. Avoid sagging by means of normally clipping the back and front of your kilt together.

Finally, wool likes to breathe so supply your custom made kilt lots of space in your wardrobe. Pick up a Kilt Carrier & Roll Set for added safety.

Spills take location. If you spill a few aspect on your kilt, dab (don’t rub) the spot with a clean, damp, lint-loose cloth right away.

If that does not do the trick, your options rely on the sort of kilt you have got.

Lucky for you, our Essentials kilts are washer-pleasant. Wash at 30° (it saves you cash and energy) with a liquid product. Use a quick spin on the artificial cycle to lessen creasing. Be fantastic to tie your straps before putting your kilt to your washing machine to save you any harm from the buckle.

When completed, grasp your kilt to dry on a kilt hanger to reduce the want for ironing.

Wool could be very resilient and evidently immune to dust, so your custom made kilt calls for minimal care. If you cannot restore a spill by using dabbing, it’s miles best to turn it over to a expert cleanser. Be sure to select a cleaner who is aware of their stuff.

To hold your bespoke kilt free of lint and dirt, you can also gently brush it downwards with a smooth garments brush.

A kilt will nearly in no way want ironing. Any slight creases want to drop out after hanging for a few days, particularly if hung in a steamy environment.

If you do experience your kilt dreams ironing, proper here’s what to do.

Be high quality to apply a cool iron at the reverse aspect of the material. Take care to align the pleats and do no longer allow them to fall off the ironing board. Consider enlisting the help of a pal to maintain up your pleats.

Set your iron to steam and region the kilt’s apron on the ironing board, with the bottom going via you. Place an ironing fabric over the fabric to shield it, and gently location the iron at the cloth. Don’t iron from side to side – absolutely place the iron at the cloth, increase, and place on the subsequent segment.

Never iron wool on the proper facet as this can depart vibrant marks on the wool.

Your custom kilt’s pleats now not often want urgent. We endorse waiting to have your kilt professionally cleaned to steam your pleats.

If in brief transporting your kilt by means of vehicle, grasp your outfit in a protecting provider from the match hook.

When prince charlie jacket, take into account rolling your kilt to save area and minimise the want for ironing. Our mainly designed kilt service and kilt roll set is the best answer, permitting you to roll your kilt and carry it over your shoulder.