A knife as a Utility Tool- How to Utilize It?

The common category of knives that we are all are aware of, it is this utility tool category. The functions performed by different knives in the utility tool section, they are massive and huge. Furthermore, more and more data is coming sooner on Damascus chef knives.

Different kinds of Knives used as a utility tool

  • Firstly, we have cooked knife that is often termed and identified as a curved knife. Moreover, you can call it with the name of carving knives as well. It processes the tasks of carving with immense efficiency.
  • Then comes Diver’s knife that is used in the areas of diving! Even more, this knife is available in all sorts of water sports. Here we will too pen down extensive details on Damascus steel knivesso keep in touch with us.
  • Under this category of electrician knife, this is a short-bladed knife that manages to cut all sorts of electrical insulation. Folding knife either comes with one blade and it is generally encompassed by more than one blade. This knife can fit into your pocket conveniently and often called with the title of a jackknife.
  • We have a palette knife that is popularly known as frosting spatula. This knife lacks a cutting edge and is immensely used by artists out there. You can use it for applying paint or mixing any stuff. In addition, a paper-knife is available for opening mails. It is made of plastic or at times, it is made of metal. You can even call it as a letter opener.

More details on knives types as utility tools

  • This produce knife comes and accompanied a rectangular profile. Besides, it has got a blunt front edge and is commonly used by all grocers out there for the sake of cutting produce! The purpose of using a rigging knife is to cut down any sort of rigging seen in sailing vessels.
  • We have this straight-razor knife that carries and is composed of a reusable knife blade. This knife is used for shaving hair. The use of a survival knife is pretty common now a day. This is a sturdy knife type that comes and injected with a hollow handle.
  • Wood-carving knives are called as whittling knives as well. They are availed for shaping all kinds of wood. They have thin and short in size replaceable blades so that you can enjoy better control.
  • The last one is this X-acto knife that comes in the form of a scalpel-like knife. This knife is embossed with a long handle and comprises a replaceable pointed blade in it. You can have this knife for the jobs of clean and precise cutting in the area of arts and crafts.

That is all we have about this utility section where different knives are used by individuals. The list and details are endless when we start to explain and fully discuss the aspects of the utility tool section linked to knives. Keep in touch with us as more facts on this piece of writing are coming up.


Chef’s Knife- What Size You Need and How to Take Care of It

If you want to buy a Damascus chef knife, then there are two important things that you have to keep in mind. It is that what size of any chef knife you need and how to take care of it. Below you can have a look at the details:

What Size of Chef’s Knife is Suitable For You?

You might be wondering about what size you should get a chef knife for yourself, we can guide you. For chopping herbs and small fruits and for cutting vegetables, then it is recommended to go for an 8-inch French chef knife. Such a Best chef knife is easy to handle and also manoeuvre. On the other hand, for cutting large foods like that of watermelon or cantaloupe, then it is advised to go for a 10-inch serrated chef’s knife. This knife version is much safer. You can hold it safely from the handle and also from the tip.

Always remember that if you are using a chef knife that is extremely small, then that knife will be dangerous for you in case you are cutting something large. This happens because that small knife may slip as well as go through from your hands. Moreover, before you buy a chef’s knife, you need to check does it make you feel comfortable as soon as you hold it in your hand. Besides, look for a knife type that you can easily manage while slicing and chopping. Lastly, is blade has to feel and look solid. If that chef knife blade is lightweight and flimsy, then avoid buying it.

Taking Caring for and Maintaining a Chef’s Knife

If you wish to prolong the life and usage span of your chef’s knife, then below tips can help you:

Firstly, you need o to avoid washing any of your knives in the dishwasher. By doing so, you may damage the blade part of it.  In addition to, washing your knife in a dishwasher damage its wooden handle.

Once you give a wash to your knives, then dry them completely before storage. An individual should carefully follow and understand the manufacturer’s directions regarding sharpening his knife blade. It is always seen that sharp knives cut better. They are safer as compared to dull knives. Sharp knives do not require too much force. They prevent situations like losing control and cutting yourself.

It is advised not to use your chef knives on hard surfaces. This dull their blade edges. From hard surfaces, we mean glass cutting boards. Beyond, it is recommended to use a chef knife on softer cutting boards. Like, you can go for polyethene plastic cutting boards.

Lastly, you can store your knives in a knife block or keep them in other storage systems. Keep your knife blades separate. And avoid to throw and toss them in a drawer. Upon tossing them away, these knives may bump with each other and dull the blades. This is all about chef knives, we hope that now you have understood the important aspects of hem



Simple Way to Refinish and Renovate a Vintage Coffee Table

There are some great and exceptional Home Renovations Queens ideas that you can go for. Here you can check out how to renovate a vintage style mid century coffee table. It is high time to inject and emboss a new life into this family heirloom. If you are the biggest fan of vintage and antique furniture, there are an enormous number of ways that you can renovate and refinish them. No doubt, coffee tables hold and carry centre stage of attraction in living rooms. You need to have lacquer thinner, mineral spirits, wood stain and also wood varnish to carry out this job of renovation. Furthermore, have sandpaper, tack clothes as well s Paintbrush, Paint scraper.

Step 1- Keep your coffee table clean and dust-free

First of all, you have to keep your coffee table completely dust-free and clean. Moreover, you can wipe it down with the help of a damp cloth.

Step 2- Remove Lacquer

Also, remove lacquer and lacquer thinner from that coffee table. If your coffee table comes with a lacquer finish, then make sure to remove that before you plan and decide o re-stain the wood. What you can do is to apply lacquer thinner. Allow it to sit for some time and then you can scrape it off by using a paint scraper. You need to continue doing this process until and unless all lacquer is taken off and removed.

Step 3- Sand all of the uneven areas of your coffee table

The next step is to sand all of the uneven areas of your vintage -style coffee table. You can do that by making use of 150 grit sandpaper. Continue this process until and unless its colour gets uniform. Even more, you can sand again with the utilization of 200 grit sandpaper to make the surface of the coffee table smoother.

Step 4- Go on to stain your coffee table

Make an application of wood finish in even strokes on your coffee table. You can choose the colour of your own choice. Besides, you need to paint in the direction likewise in the direction of the wood grain. Later on, you are free to wipe off the stain with the help and utilization of clean tack cloth.

Step 5- Apply varnish

The last step is to apply varnish on your coffee table. In other words, what you can do is to apply varnish topcoat with the help of a new paintbrush. Do this step of varnishing in the direction of the wood grain. Most importantly, allow it to dry overnight. You can give that coffee table surface a final sand touch with 200 grit.

Your all-new spic and span vintage coffee table is renovated now. Keep tuned with us as more of the Home renovations Nassau ideas are coming up. If you have ever renovated and refinished furniture piece of yours, then do share with us your experience about it. Renovating and remodelling your home is a great budget-friendly activity that you can pursue. Lots more interesting ideas are on their way, so do not go anywhere.